IRA JAFFE | Chairman of the Board
DALE L. WATCHOWSKIMember of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
KAREN SOSNICK SCHOENBERG | Principal and Member of the Board
DIETRICH KNOER | Chief Investment Officer
PAUL STODULSKI | Chief Financial Officer
ROBERT D. HORNE | Senior Vice President/Investments
JAMES L. JONASExecutive Vice President of Building Operations and Leasing
DAVID HABOIAN | Senior Vice President of Operations
JESSICA GARD | Vice President of Human Resources
KENNETH G. TILL | Senior Vice President of Development
KEVIN CARDEN | Senior Vice President of Acquisitions
SCOTT A. WORTMAN | Vice President of Development
SCOTT McCARTHY | Vice President of Retail Development
SCOTT D. MILLIGAN | Senior Vice President of Facilities
JACQUELINE A. PAUL | Senior Vice President Asset Management
BARBARA A. EATON | Director of Leasing and Business Development
JACQUELINE TROST | Director of Marketing
CRAIG P. WILLIAN | Senior Project Manager